Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sex Addiction: Is There A Cure?

Sex Addiction
Tiger Woods messed up and society is out for blood. This highly disciplined athlete is in control on the golf course but in private he is controlled by personal demons that are fierce enough to drag him through gutters and any other place they damned well please. This is the world of a sex addict.
Sexual addiction is the same as any other addiction. The craving for a fix becomes the most important objective in life and families are destroyed. The first step to recovery must be admitting to oneself that there is an addiction. This is an illness that requires treatment and public bashing does not benefit anyone. Family, friends and fans need to help him in this fight. Keep believing in him and allow him to work up to your future expectations. He is down as far as he can go. Most of us were not directly involved or harmed by the situation so let’s stop kicking him in the head and offer sincere wishes for some sanity in the lives of Tiger and his family.
Tiger is the type of man that John Walsh warns us to keep our children away from yet Walsh also has a sex addiction. If infidelity were a crime Walsh would be a lifer. We have been watching this womanizing ever since we have known who he is. It’s a safe bet that this is something he brought with him from his past. The tabloids picked up on his sexual escapades but it was 2003 when Walsh admitted during a Larry King Live Interview that he had been diagnosed as a sex addict. He and his wife were in counseling and he thought it might be helping but his own children have been put through a lifetime of hell. And this man that we are supposed to keep our children away from is standing before America telling us how to raise our own children.
Woods has golf as his salvation. John Walsh is so involved with sexual issues that a cure seems out of reach. Former addicts often make the best counselors for other addicts but all of the ideas that he has sold us over the years have been from someone that was betraying each and every one of his. Sure, his child was murdered and that is a painful reality. Much of his rage must stem from being a sex slave to an obsession he cannot deny.
Some typical actions of a sex addict are fantasy, porn, masturbation and seeking out multiple sex partners. All of these years John has publicly ignored the bias caused by his own affliction. His addiction continues to grow out of control and a look at his pattern of thinking over the years we can see the addictive personality in his work. He is responsible for implementing many ineffective laws and is out selling more of them. Anyone that feels safer than they did 20 years and billions of dollars later should certainly support his efforts. The rest of us want to him to get out of the limelight and care for his own personal issues. This individual has not shown the characteristics necessary to act in the best interest of our children. That should have been obvious many years ago.
I must give Walsh credit for some skirmishes he has won but the nation is tied in knots due to lack of psychological soundness. He is entirely the wrong person to map a direction that benefits children. What a different world it would be if he had been carrying a different and honest message.
The public has a lot to learn about sex addiction. Go into the word of sex offenders and see that it is running rampant. The majority of these crimes are not planned and they are acts of opportunity. Education and awareness are tools for prevention but this has become a high dollar business that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. There are a record number of children without food and shelter yet Walsh still pushes his new batch of laws and the Feds will punish the states that fail to implement these laws. Federal Byrne/Jag law enforcement grants will be cut to teach states a lesson. Either way the millions will come out of our pockets.
John Walsh has once again put us in a lose/lose situation while society pretends not to know about the lies, betrayal and immoral conduct. Pull this impostor down from his podium. If he has found a treatment that controls his inner demons he should turn his fight to getting proper resources to a public of all age ranges. A prevention program would be a much better place for the Adam Walsh Act than more insane laws that are impossible to enforce. Child safety is about changing the dynamics that lead up to such an act. 2010 could be the year we begin to neutralize some of the dangers that presently keep us focused only on the aftermath. New offenders are responsible for the growth in registration. Our goal should be to stem that flow. 00.html

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